Agent SVN

Agent SVN 2.73

Is a Microsoft Common Source Code Control Interface (MS-SCCI) plug-in

Agent SVN is a Microsoft Common Source Code Control Interface (MS-SCCI) plug-in, designed to allow Subversion to work with any IDE supporting the MS-SCCI.

Main features:

- Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use
- Lives side by side with TortoiseSVN
- Interfaces with the Subversion, Apache Subversion and VisualSVN servers.
- Add solutions, projects and files to Subversion from within the IDE
- Check out, check in, get latest version without leaving the IDE
- Manage Subversion repository using drag and drop inside the IDE
- The option of automatic file locking on check out
View file differences, file status and file history from within the IDE
- The perfect Visual Source Safe (VSS) replacement
Can use an external difference tool to view file differences

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